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Viktor Siteus
   I wear a size Large shirt in nearly every brand. The 2XL Spotti jersey fits me like a Large Hanes t-shirt—form-fitting but not snug. I'm glad I ordered the 2XL as an XL would likely be too snug for me and the Large would have been embarrassing to wear. The odd size description notwithstanding, this jersey is very nice. I was unsure initially about the elastic around the waist. It keeps keeps the jersey snug but not uncomfortable. The neck is a bit too large and is more like a real XL or 2XL neck than the waist would suggest. Overall the jersey is very comfortable. Knowing how to order the correct size means I will purchase more in the future. Despite a few shortcomings (minor, at that) I love this jersey.
Howaida Adel
   Fits our 18 lb cat almost perfectly.  He doesn't really enjoy wearing it, but he has to support on game days!  Go pack go.
Our cat is long, not necessarily fat, so the arm holes are a bit large on him.  I'd rather have it that way then too snug though.

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