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doctor organization detection abnormality

The Yan flies the gentleness of lookinging at the beautiful amiability, a burst of wildly jump in the heart, feel to so will have a so lovely woman in the world.Have already wanted to protect this chemisette viewpoint in his heart, he wants to love her, protects her and gives her happy.He has been sure of, oneself has already fallen in love with her, not only the list is the in a dream that often has at him, more in the realistic world, oneself also falls in love with this woman.
    The gentleness says:"Bao doctor Bo, you see, this Sir has already waked up."
    Bao Bo this just notices the Yan of opening eyes to fly and say in the bed:"This Sir, can you understand my words?"
    This Bao doctor Bo and gentleness say of is all English, his nature can understand and nod a way:"I can understand, doctor, where am I now?"
    The Bao Bo says:"Is Kenya and Tanzania hand over the section Na of boundary place much small town here, your place of is us have no national boundary doctor organization build of temporary hospital."
    The Yan flies to ask a way:"Is today that day?"
    Stopped for a while, the Yan flew and asked a way:"Is this year that year?"
    The Bao Bo saw time and said:"Now is May 26, 2018 of noon 2:00."
    The Yan flies one time of checking against, discover that oneself didn't take place in the obfuscation what odd circumstance, just oneself's this obfuscation incredibly kept on for 34 hours, he asks a way again:"Doctor, am I how to get here?"
    The Bao Bo says:"Yesterday noon, we sat upright ship to go to love only the Yi village check Ai Bo pulled an epidemic situation, the gentle and soft young lady discovered that you are from the brook on the village Piao down, we saved you went ashore, then discovered that you still had breath, bring back you temporary hospital.As for you why meeting is in the isolation ward, because you appear in the epidemic situation to weigh disaster area, we doubt there is Ai Bo on your body pulling virus, can temporarily observe in the isolation ward."
    The Yan flies this to just understand his/her own current circumstances, his affirmation drops down after obfuscation bottomless abyss, have never thought but fall an abyss underneath of brook inside, lucky of protect a life.Then unconscious of along the brook gets down driftage, finally is picked up by gentle and soft their medical brigades, then took back.
    Get hurt before Yan flies severity, but at he collapsed and fainted of time, he body of the violent instauration dint have a function and make the wound on his body become scarred to shed off, cover up the injury that he once suffered from, just have no quilt these have no national boundary doctor organization detection abnormality, just considers as him to is infected Ai Bo to pull the suspicious sufferer of virus to carry on a treatment.
    The Yan flies one existence that the unmanned machine divides time of respond, wholesale Plantation shutters feeling right away.He at collapsed and fainted of time, once gave the assistance Zhi of unmanned machine brain the bottom reached the order that the auto concealed, afterwards although he is collapsed and fainted,he lent support to a Zhi brain but perfectly carried out his order and concealed the unmanned machine to the bottom of sea of Kenya open sea.Then unmanned machine data in 24 hours break, have a brand-new look of wait for Yan flying of invoke.
    Discovering unmanned machine dividing timing is safe and sound, the Yan flies to just thoroughly let go of heart, as long as the unmanned machine didn't appear a problem, he has no terrible.Is unique now make him worried, is oneself along while drifting downward, the river pulls an epidemic situation to spread a small village after Ai Bo, don't know that the meeting can't be infected Ai Bo to pull virus?Oneself never have no strong American solider's troops of quilt to kill, but fall down to pull a virus body in this very small Ai Bo up.
    See the Yan fly some worry of appearance, the gentleness comforts right away:"This Sir, you don't worry first, we find out your time and have already checked on you, didn't discover the existence that Ai Bo pulls virus.Just be worried that the Ai Bo pulls virus to incubate in your body, so would make you observe here for a while.Only didn't appear an abnormality after three days, meant to be not been infected, you could come out."
    The Yan flies to say right away:"You call gentleness?Is really a good to listen name, and the person is such as his.

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