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Each shutter opens with a 36-inch swing

Goodwood Plantation French Door Shutters can be a great choice. The blinds are mounted in a frame that provides sufficient projection to enable the blinds to rotate. (2 1 / 2〃, 3 1 / 2〃, and 4 1 / 2〃, if there are wooden shutters on other windows, consider 2 1 / 2〃) The frame wraps the shutters on four sides to secure it to the top, Side and bottom. This means that you cannot swing back and forth as the door opens and closes. Inside the frame, the plantation shutters are mounted on hinges so you still have access to the glass for cleaning and more. If you have a lever handle, we make a radius cut around the handle with a solid area behind it. This ensures that you have complete privacy whether the blinds are open or closed.

Things to keep in mind; if your door is double-opened and one is fixed and the operable door returns to the fixed door, then using any window treatment method will affect the distance the door will open backwards . The degree of impact varies depending on the door manufacturer and the way the window is handled. An experienced window covering sales staff should be able to resolve any issues you may have and discuss with this front end. Many times there are shutters and we can make some adjustments to make sure the door opens as much as possible. However, if it isn't processed on the front end, nothing can be done. Another reason is to give your window coverage sales staff enough time to identify and resolve all issues that may arise in your custom shutter order!
The shutters at Goodwood Plantation shutters are custom designed and produced. So when you choose to order plantation shutters from goodwood shutters, you have multiple shutter layout and design options. The two main aspects discussed were-how to choose the size of the blinds? How many shutters should I put in each opening?
First, let's talk about the size of the blinds. It depends on many factors, such as your home architecture and design style. However, it depends on personal preference. Part of the advantage of plantation shutters is that you can get such high visibility and light control by just slightly adjusting the angle of the shutters. Theoretically, the bigger the shutters, the better the scenery. Many people are just surprised at how much visibility you can get with a shutter. In fact, in our home consultation, we usually take a sample of each shutter size and put it on the window to let the customer take a step back and look at the different proportions of each shutter size and how this feels to the room influences. Well, I can't do this in my blog, but look at this photo. Each opening shown is 72 inches by 72 inches; the only thing that changes is the size of the shutters.
Blinds option opens
Frankly, most people choose 3 1 / 2-inch shutters. However, I can make a case for 4 1/2 inch large shutters for many homes and we see more orders consistently with this size. Sometimes, when we add an order to a homeowner, they tell me that they want to choose a larger shutter size. I have never heard customers tell me that they want to choose a smaller one.
Now is the shutter configuration. The first thing you need to look at is the configuration of the window you want to close. If you try to mimic the window layout, you will get the best look. This reduces additional vertical interference. For example, suppose you have 3 or more windows together. You are trying to position the blinds so that the vertical members of the blinds align with the vertical mullions of the window. This will give you the cleanest and widest view, and it will also give you a more pleasing look outside the window.
Let's go back and look at our typical window. A 72〃x72〃 (usually two 36〃x72〃 windows combined). Many times, customers think they want four shutters in such a large window. panel. This is based on their assumption that they will periodically open the blinds to come back. However, for larger shutter sizes, folding them does not require much visibility. The larger the panel you can place on the window, the more unobstructed your field of vision will be. Take a look at these drawings showing the same window size, 72 inches x 72 inches. The two images show the same size shutters, but with 2 to 4 panels in the opening.
By choosing a configuration of four panels, you have almost lost an 8-inch window, otherwise you can see through.
Of course, we always do according to customer requirements. If you are confident to open the blinds every day, a four-panel configuration may be the best layout for you. For opening blinds every day, the double Plantation shutters panel configuration will not work for most room layouts. Each shutter opens with a 36-inch swing. Even a 4-panel layout is worth considering as it will enter the room and requires 18 inches of wall space to fold.

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